Exposed Ventilation Technology

Exposed ventilation technology in wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatment by biotechnology has been widely applied in the industry today. That factory and workshops are more and more increases the air pollution, waste pollution and gas pollution. It requires enterprises to build their own wastewater treatment and gas treatment system before putting them into the environment.

Diagramph of exposed ventilation technology

By using membrane-form microorganisms stuck to a biological carrier submersed in water, with sufficiently large surface area and appropriate porosity. This technology will provide a treatment with high processing efficiency, which is easy to operate and can process nitrogen and phosphorus. Exposed ventilation technology is suitable for wastewater treatment system with small capacity (less than 10m3/day and night).
Activated sludge tank with sticky microorganisms: The operational principle of this tank is similar to that of microorganisms growing in suspended form, the only difference is that the microorganism grows sticky on the contact material placed in the tank.

Exposed ventilation system

   cong nghe thong khi tiep xuc trong xu ly nuoc thai

   Due to many outstanding advantages of processing efficiency as well as the reduction of investment and operation costs, the application of biotechnologies of sticky growth is now widely applied.

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